Fredo Bang Says Drug-Smuggling Inmates Call Butts Gucci Bags


Fredo Bang recently revealed some prison terminology that brings a whole new connotation to the phrase getting to the bag.

On Monday (Jan. 30), VladTV aired part five of their interview with Baton Rouge, La. rapper Fredo Bang. This particular snippet centered around prison custom, in particular, inmates hiding contraband in their backsides.

“Your Gucci bag,” Fred Bang confirmed as the common term when DJ Vlad asked about inmates smuggling things in their butts. According to Fredo, it is not uncommon for inmates to get their figurative purse snatched if other inmates are aware of their smuggling tactic.

“They gon’ beat you up, they gon’ pin you down, they going off in there,” Fredo Bang explained.¬†“They want that mojo, they want that meth and they want that back. If they gotta go in that back, that’s what they doing.”

Fredo Bang confirmed he abstained for using this mode of transportation while he was locked up.

“I ain’t even gon’ lie, I ain’t never played those games,” Fredo admitted. “I don’t even know how to wipe back there too long, you feel me? I ain’t never played with my Gucci bag. When I was selling drugs in jail, I used to have like a little pocket. I had a migo stitch in the pocket. So when I go in there, I just pull it out the pants. If I’m getting searched it don’t really show too much. I ain’t put nothing in my Gucci bag.”

Fredo Bang is gearing up for a big year after dropping two projects, Two-Face Bang 2 and UNLV, in 2022.

Check Out Fred Bang’s Interview on VladTV Below

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