Drake Reveals Price He Paid for Chain of 42 Engagement Diamonds


Last year, Drake raised eyebrows over his iced-out chain of 42 diamond engagement rings. Now we know how much he paid for the expensive necklace.

On Saturday (Feb. 11), Instagram influencer Chris Smoove—known as @chris_too_smoove on Instagram—shared a video of himself interviewing Drake and asking him to break down his drip from head to toe. While detailing the price tag of every piece of clothing he was wearing, Drizzy revealed the price tag of his necklace made of 42 engagement ring diamonds.

When chris_too_smoove asked Drake how much his neck accessory cost, the Toronto rap star was hesitant at first, but eventually admitted he dropped over several Ms for the chain.

“Honestly, I’m embarrassed to say, probably like nine, over 10 M’s (million) for sure,” he stated, much to Chris’ shock and awe.

Last December, New York jeweler Alex Moss showed off the extravagant piece on his Instagram account. The necklace looks more like something that needs to be enshrined inside a case at the Royal Family’s palace. The diamond-encrusted necklace took over a year to complete and utilizes 18-karat white gold.

“Ordering the impossible. An expedition spanning 14 months. Every diamond hand-selected. Inspected to only suit perfection,” a female narrator revealed in the video.

“New piece titled ‘Previous Engagements’ for all the times he thought about it but never did it,” the video is captioned. “42 engagement rings, 351.38 carats in diamonds. By Alex Moss New York & Drake.”

In the video, the 6 God also revealed his other pricey accessories he was rocking—his flushed-out diamond watch: $900,000, diamond earrings: $1,200 and his Thom Browne glasses: unknown.

Drake loves to floss his expensive bling.

Watch Drake Reveal How Much He Paid for His 42 Engagement Ring Diamonds Chain Below

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Big spendin’.