Chrisean Rock Buys Wedding Dress, Getting Married to Blueface?


Chrisean Rock reportedly put a downpayment on a wedding dress recently, on the heels of news that she is pregnant and no longer dating Blueface.

On Wednesday (Jan. 25), video surfaced of Chrisean Rock shopping at Anita’s Bridal on Los Angeles. In the video, Chrisean is walking around the store trying on a white dress with a bejeweled top. The person recording the scene, reportedly an employee at Anita’s, narrates the video and presumes the shopping outing is for an upcoming marriage to Blueface.

“She at Anita’s trying on dresses. She finna get married to Blueface,” the woman says in the clip.

According to a report by TMZ, Chrisean put a downpayment on a dress and told the staff she was getting married and needed it for Friday (Jan. 27). Wedding talk comes at strange timing, as Blueface recently announced he and Chrisean are no longer an item after Chrisean revealed that she is pregnant.

“Rock has had encounters with 10 different men in the last year until I see DNA test then it’s not mine,” Blueface tweeted on Jan. 20. “To answer y’all questions yes me an rock are officially done it’s strictly business I tried it an clearly it wasn’t giving before she announces…she’s pregnant with somebody else’s child not mine [hands prayer emoji].”

“I know I know y’all thought she was all about me…me too lol but the facts are facts being my BM would be a blessing,” the “Thotiana” rapper added.

Chrisean Rock countered Blueface’s claims.

“So what happens wen you eat all ya evil words…I haven’t sexually been active with no one but u n plus there’s can a DNA test,” she wrote on social media. “[And] ion need yo money I got my own I don’t need a baby Daddy I’m just having this child because I don’t want to keep aborting.”

Hip-hop’s favorite toxic tandem has been through some very rough patches recently, all amid the rollout of the first season of their reality show Crazy in Love.

See Video of Chrisean Rock Shopping for Wedding Dresses Below

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