Bhad Bhabie in Car Accident, Totals Vehicle


Bhad Bhabie was involved in a serious car accident and totaled her vehicle. Thankfully, she and her friend walked away from the accident injured.

On Friday (Jan. 27), Bhad Bhabie shared on her Instagram page a since-deleted photo of her Bentley vehicle with severe damage on the front and passenger side of the car. You can also see that the passenger side airbag was deployed. According to Bhabie, if it wasn’t for the car’s weight, her friend Tilan could have died.

“I’m beyond devastated… my first car totaled and over with. If the car wasn’t so heavy tilan would probably b dead,” she wrote. “This was my first car accident I’m still shook up and don’t even wanna get in a car ever again. This experience sure showed me who really give af and who don’t! Thank god I wasn’t driving bc I wouldn’t have knew what tf to do.”

According to reports, Bhabie‘s friend, Tilan, wrote in her Instagram Story that she was driving the car when the accident happened.

“Thank God her car was able to take a hit like that,” she reportedly wrote while addressing the trolls. “The impact was so hard all the airbags deployed!”

“It shows no matter what the situation is y’all drag my friend for anything but let this have turned out way worse y’all would be under the same post saying rip!” she added.

Bhad Bhabie introduced her all-black Bentley vehicle to her fans on Twitter four days ago. In her tweet, she posted a few photos of herself sitting on top of her new big-body car outside of what appears to be her home. “My BE@RBRICK obsession out of hand,” she wrote, referring to a pic of herself next to a bearbrick toy.

Bhad Bhabie also informed her followers that she deleted all her photos on her Instagram page because of the incessant trolling.

“First of all I delete all my post all the time y’all just looking for a reason,” she wrote on her IG Story. “But anyways my bad forgot I need to keep y’all out my business bc every thing I tell y’all is just a gateway for y’all to drag me. Shit is weird !!!”

bhad bhabie comments on Instagram Story



bhad bhabie comments on her Instagram story.



No word on how much the total cost of damages Bhad Bhabie incurred from the accident.

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