6ix9ine Impersonator in Cuba Throws Money Into Crowd, Causes Riot


6ix9ine is under scrutiny by the Cuban government after a man impersonating the rapper threw money into the crowd outside of his hotel and chaos ensued.

According to a report in the Miami Herald, published on Friday (Feb. 17), a 6ix9ine impersonator threw what appears to be money into a large crowd, which caused a riot in the streets. Apparently, fans of the Brooklyn, N.Y. rapper had gathered outside of the Grand Packard Iberostar hotel in Cuba’s Old Havana neighborhood on Thursday (Feb. 16) when someone started throwing money from a car.

Once that happened, people rushed to the area to grab the alleged currency. Local news outlets reported that the money was thrown from a balcony at the five-star hotel, where 6ix9ine was staying at, but that information couldn’t be substantiated.

In a video that surfaced on Twitter, a person is standing on top of a car and is throwing money in the air. Throngs of people are rushing towards the area while what looks like dollar bills can be seen floating in the air.

Cuba’s news website Informacion reported that Cuban officials have condemned the act and called it “disrespectful” to their country.

“The Ministry stated that it was ‘two people outside the singer, one of them pretending to be him’ who ‘in a disrespectful way and with clear purpose of provocation, threw bills at the population,'” it stated.

According to the Miami Herald, in an Instagram Story that has since expired, 6ix9ine posted a video of the chaotic incident and clarified that it wasn’t him but someone impersonating the rapper who caused the disruption. Tekashi then posted another video he apparently took from the hotel’s window of people running and screaming outside with the caption: “Someone dressing like me is crazy. Los amo. Cuba.”

It is unclear why 6ix9ine is in Cuba and what license if any the rapper is using to visit Havana. The newspaper reported that tourism to Cuba is still prohibited, but the Biden administration again allowed group travel to the island under the “people-to-people” educational travel category.

6ix9ine is known for giving out large sums of cash to unsuspecting people while traveling in another state or country. Check out one of Tekashi’s charitable videos below.

Watch a 6ix9ine Impersonator Throw Money in the Crowd and the Chaos Below

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