You Can Already Enjoy The EDM Masterpieces “Not November” & “System Obsolete Agape Sub” Released By TFMOM

EDM fans can enjoy the two new releases by Christian DJ, producer, and rapper John Hairston, better known in the industry as TFMOM. The artist recently dropped two spiritually awakening and fulfilling tracks, “Not November” and “System Obsolete Agape Sub.” Both tracks are atmospheric with magnetic energies. TFMOM creates the effects of his sound with heavy-hitting beats and captivating melodic soundscapes. The releases are follow-ups to the DJ’s previous works “Pink Lemonade,” “Rise Up,” and “Christus Magnus,” demonstrating his growth as a musician. The artist does not only create beautiful melodies. He gives depth and story to them, unlocking complex psychological patterns through music. If you appreciate EDM and are interested in the spiritual journey,”Not November ” and “System Obsolete Agape Sub” will be the best choices for you.