Unique Voice In Music Releases Debut Single: Alice The G00N – “Who Do You Love?”

In an industry full of original voices, Alice The G00N still pops out as being unique with her eclectic approach to making music and a fascinating style, which is evident in her first single called “Who Do You Love?.”

Her song “Who Do You Love?” is all about recognizing our priorities as social beings and deciding what’s important and what’s not. Just like the greatest musical artists, Alice The G00N adds multiple layers to her compositions, both in meaning and sound. About her single, she said: “The song serves as a reminder to remember who makes it all worth it. On the other hand, the song’s theme is about leaping.” She adds that a certain courage is needed when faced with difficulties and the artist is telling her listeners to be unafraid with their ventures, just like her approach to creating her writing. 

In terms of its musical substance, the talented musician perfectly combines nostalgic sounds of the 60’s soul with modern beats, creating a one-of-a-kind track. “Who Do You Love?” by Alice The G00N is now out so make sure to save it in your library and enjoy her incredible talent!

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