Stretch – Boyz In Blue

Most underrated 16 year old Canadian rapper. 6Block young boy Stretch jus dropped his first track with Toronto Trev “Boyz in Blue” which takes a hard look at the fear of police felt by today’s youth in the Greater Toronto Area. Stretch has a laid back flow, with melodies that are very easy on the listener. We hear the perspective of a young man who seems to have been through a lot in his young life and whose experiences have landed him fearing police more than he fears other kids his age. Although we do not agree entirely with the message in this song it is great listen and we look forward to hearing more from him! This audio release paints a vivid picture for the listener with sound effects and a general vibe that represents police activity/action. As his first release, he definitely gives the listener a good sample of what to expect from this new age artist.  

“Let’s goooooOooo!”- Sassy Mantras 
“This kids next up”- Toronto Trev
“This song definitely needs a video!”-  Dollar Boy Ent

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