Stream Ahnwar Yancey’s Latest Album My Therapy Today

Singer-songwriter and producer Ahnwar Yancey has recently shared an exquisite album called My Therapy, an eleven-tracker that covers much original thought and perspective on life, love, religion, and humanity. Some fan-favorites include “Praise Him”, “Let Go”, and “Everything U Need”.

Fascinated by god from his youngest years, Yancey spent his adolescent years performing at hundreds of different churches with a gospel group called “Champions for Christ”. In the coming years he dove into the world of r&b but soon he realized that did not fit his personality and beliefs. He recommitted his life to Jesus Christ and resolved to devote his whole life to creating, producing, and performing music only for the goal of attracting people to Jesus Christ. Ahnwar is dedicated to using his musical talents to share the “good news” of Jesus’ saving power with anybody who would listen, and that is what makes his art unique. 

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