Rizzy Rackz Releases New Banger, "Goku"

Rizzy Rackz Releases New Banger “Goku”

Richmond’s very own Rizzy Rackz drops his latest single, “Goku,” a song that narrates his journey through the struggle and his force to make it in every way possible. “Goku” just hits you with slamming beats and sharp lyrics—to vindicate Rizzy’s rise as an artist. Fast-rising star Rizzy Rackz is dropping “Goku,” a high-energy banger carrying the narrative on his shoulder through another deep, bracing experience. The single “Goku” hits hard with lines like “I do this sh*t like I did it before / Since I was rookie I move like a pro,” reflecting Rizzy’s confidence and growth. Energetic flow and a gripping story of the track plunge the audience into the unparalleled world of Rizzy Rackz, where the epicenter of resilience and determination takes center court.

Before “Goku,” Rizzy Rackz made huge waves with his debut album, Risky Business. The album was a clear, uncut look into his life, blending soulful melodies with trap beats. All the greats, particularly in the hip-hop world, have a way with infectious hooks, and Rizzy Rackz does it in tracks like “Loving Me Baby.” This would put him in the circles of respect in hip-hop, where authenticity and emotion are key.

More than just your entertainment, he gives you a platform to express your truth, having been born in Richmond, Virginia—a place that has thrown a lot of challenges his way. He has been through a lot of bad situations, with one of them being his daughter’s accident, in which a stray bullet barely took her life. That experience is what drove him to start his musical journey, using the agony and bulldog tenacity of the experience to chisel a new career for himself—one that would see him graduate from the tough streets of Richmond to becoming one of the most promising hip-hop voices in his era.

His friends affectionately refer to him as “Rackz,” and he agrees that Rizzy does, in fact, seem to know how to make the money but truly does not represent someone who is out there spending it wildly. More than just blowing smoke with words, there’s something about Rizzy’s style that has the listener feeling more enlightened when that verse is finished. In the process of moving forward with his music career, Rizzy Rackz is determined to keep everything as real and organic as it has ever been. To him, it is way more than just another song; it is a declaration about life and ambition. Every time Rizzy Rackz delivers something new, he locks in the brand and continues to inspire others who want to get caught up in the same energies and vibes, moving forward onto the next challenge and pushing through with a relentless work ethic.

To find out, listen to this track of the same energies and vibes that flow through Rizzy Rackz on “Goku.” It’s another track added to his ever-growing arsenal, intent on captivating audiences and driving Rizzy Rackz further toward the top of hip-hop’s ladder.

Stream Rizzy’s “Goku” below: