Mayia Captures The Feeling Of Love In New Single “Nobody”

Mayia sensually captures the feeling of love in her new single, “Nobody.” With a signature style revolving around a tasteful combination of r&b and pop sprinkled here and there with jazzy textures, Mayia has always sought to create her own vibe since day one, and the result is mesmerizing. 

The first song that introduced her unique skills was the single “Temporary,” released earlier this year. 

Through her lyrics and music, Mayia’s emotions, thoughts and worldviews are often reflected in an authentic and truly sincere approach. 

But above all, what strikes in Mayia’s art is her determination to empower listeners, especially her female audience, as Mayia’s restless energy and vision focuses on pushing forth the idea that each girl and woman should stand for themselves and know their true power. 

Mayia’s new single, “Nobody,” is a graceful single that revolves around unconditional love, the rarest form of love out there. This inspiring soul has it all so make sure to follow her latest updates!