“Lord Have Mercy” Is Losk33’s Latest Collaboration With Skilled Artist Foogiano

Two promising urban artists, Losk33 and Foogiano, recently collaborated on a new joint titled “Lord Have Mercy.” The release perfectly showcases both artists’ raw talents and best skills. Their lyricism match with sincere and straight-forward deliveries, creating an overdose of swag and groove. 

Both Losk33 and Foogiano have pretty consistent and fully formed styles in rapping mannerism, songwriting, and beat creation when performing solo. Their collaboration shows that artists are not afraid of experimenting with their solo sounds while diving into new musical dimensions. Losk33 considers his rap genre to be “Testimonial Turnup,” a genre concentrated on capturing raw emotions in real life situations. His genre choice makes his tracks sound unapologetic and honest while adding a free-style vibe to them. “Lord Have Mercy” aligns that same energy unique to Losk33’s music.