J’Moris Shares His Incredible Talent In New Album “Moris Better: Loveless Confessions”

Hillsboro, Texas-based recording artist J’Moris is back with a new 14-track album tiled Moris Better: Loveless Confessions, produced by Supamario Beats with 606Gus (Work) and session9 (NaNa) contributing a track each. The album features some collaborations, with D. Hewitt on “Fall Thru” and 254 Assassin, The Composer and Four000 Units on “Wanna Ball”.

In the footsteps of artists like Master P and Gucci Mane, J’Moris’s style is all about raw sincerity and southern grit. The artist grew up in Fort Worth, Texas during the 90’s where he was exposed to the crimes and drug trades going on at the time. 

He shares: “My family moved to Hillsboro, Texas, to try and get away, but to no avail. The crack epidemic consumed Hillsboro also. Watching my loved ones fall victim to the drugs or the streets, I felt he only had one choice. Use them both to My advantage & find a way out. My older brother, Crunch, looked out for me alot. The lessons he taught me molded me into who I am today and also gave me the opportunities to graduate high school. Something he, or my little brother J Hodge, never did. I tell God to watch out for me while I chase the route of evil…” 

This new album comes to reinforce the already impressive portfolio of releases by the artist, which includes 5 EP’s, 8 singles, and a full-length album, Blac February, all available on Spotify as well as most major digital platforms.

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