Ferny G – The Top

Bellingham, Washington – Ferny G hit’s us with his new single “The Top” that is his first single from his upcoming EP – in which he tells us is his biggest record to date and we agree with him. The top is all about brainwashing you to get to the top. It’s meant to inspire you to keep grinding until you succeed and once you reach the top you keep grinding while still being humble.

Ferny is all about making sure his family is right and making sure people around him are right. Ferny has been writing and finding his lane since he was 16 years old and has no vision of ever stopping. If you’re ever feeling discouraged this record is one to push to motivate you in to creating your greatness and destiny..

We spoke to Ferny to ask him a few questions because we found him to be a very uniqe a great artist.

In one sentence, Describe who Ferny G is?
A very dedicated and passionate person

Who are your biggest influences?

 All of my musical influences are women. I personally feel and love their music and voices more and since they’re constantly raising the bar in the music industry and have to work four times as hard, they constantly inspire me. I actually have a list in order it goes: Kesha, Grace VanderWaal, Billie Eilish, Ariana then my absolute all time favorite ever is BEYONCÉ.

What made you write “The Top”

So the beat was actually sent to me a long time ago and I brushed it off lmao. But then my producer and I were going they old beats and that was one of em and I was like “holy sh*t this is fire” so I came up with the concept of just believing in yourself and really visualizing where you can be if you work hard. Partying with models and dudes.

How has the current world pandemic affected you as an artist?

It really sucks because I haven’t seen my producer in over a year and he’s a really good friend. Yeah we FaceTime and still make music but it’s not the same as being in the same room as each other. I feel like when you’re in the same room, vibing, making a hit song, it has that bond/energy that nobody else has, and during the pandemic I feel like that was lost. We’re always in good spirits tho, the pandemic can stop us from hanging out, but it can’t stop creativity.

In 5 years’ time, where do you see yourself & who are 2 artists you’d want on the remix of The Top?

 I see myself either signed with a label that lets me control and own my own damn music or still be independent under our DRAG VIBE business. I see myself doing what I love which is playing shows, singing, recording sessions, interviews, basically I see myself being busy building my empire.

If I could have 2 artists?! Hmmm, definitely Doja Cat & Megan Thee Stallion, they could def tear that beat up

That wraps up our questions for you Ferny, We appreciate your time and we look forward to see what you come out with next, You can pre-order his upcoming EP starting March 16th that is set to release April 16th.

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Twitter: www.twitter.com/fernyg__

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