Feel The Power Of “Deuces”

“Deuces” is yet another powerful track by a talented hip-hop artist TEF XL. He is a business executive with deep roots as a hip-hop artist, promoter, and social advocate based in Jacksonville, Florida. His music draws inspiration from 80s and 90s rap, crafted with modern melodic hints of neo-soul and enveloped in smart and socially conscious lyricism.

“Deuces” focuses on catchy melodies, soaring beats, and the artist’s booming voice that says it all. TEF has previously dropped “Injustice”, “Wake Up”, “Trap Paradise”, and “JIT 2 A G”, singles that have been incredibly popular with TEF’s audience. Every song has a story to tell and executes its purpose to not only entertain but to shift paradigms to the T. 

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