Enjoy Christmas With Vincent Poag’s Earnest Music

Step away from the mainstream and explore Vincent Poag’s “This Christmas” for the holiday season. The artist pours heart and soul into his song, showing the world that Christmas is not just about parties and gifts but about “making amends” and “spreading love”, about alleviating someone else’s pain and showing kindness. 

“This Christmas” features a moving piano melody that swells into a full orchestra score in culmination. The tide slows down toward the end as the song ends with the same heartfelt melody. Always sincere and truthful, Vincent Poag speaks on important topics with grace, encouraging humanity to be better individually and collectively. 

Vincent Poag has recently released a new album Masquerade with standout tracks like  “In The Jungle” and “Cradle Moon”. The album is a collection of twelve positive, life-affirming songs that are all unique and can bring a smile to one’s face. 

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