Emeril Picasso – Demons and Love

Austin, TX – Indian born artist Emeril Picasso releases his long awaited EP “Demons And Love”.

Emeril released his new EP recently and it’s honestly an 8 track rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish, The EP houses 8 amazing records and a 53-second interlude that ties the project together perfectly. Demons and Love EP represents his struggles with mental health and it’s honestly a project anyone can pick at least on record if not more and relate to it.

The project was Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by himself, this is truly a work of art like a Picasso painting. My personal favorite record off of the project is “Bliss”. We got a chance to ask Emeril a few questions regarding his project and how it came to life.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Emeril Picasso, and I’m a producer, artist, and all around musician. I dabble in a lot of genres but my main focus is on hip hop and rap. I try and provide a catchy beat and melody with meaningful lyrics that can be relatable and helpful to listeners. Besides that, I’m just a normal guy working, trying to live his dream.

Q. What encouraged you to create Demons and Love?

2019 and 2020 created a painful atmosphere for me mentally. Fighting and battling with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts all while going through a breakup created a backdrop for “Demons and Love”. With the lockdown in 2020, I felt like I needed to show people that they aren’t alone through the dark thoughts and rough patches. The name of the EP itself basically represent the Demons in my head that crawl into me while feeding the tumultuous nature of my love life that accentuates all the negative moments that I experience.

Q. What was your inspiration for the record “Bliss”?

Pure lust in a relationship. The song “Make It Work” touches on the emotional aspect of the relationship while “Bliss” has a theme of lust. The song portrays a scene where a couple shares a physical passion that’s so addictive, that it feels like they have a drug addiction. My intentions with the song was to paint a picture which can represent the addictive nature of lust itself.

Q. Who are your insperations?

I guess I could say that I have multiple inspirations. All my supporters and my fans are inspirations to me. I say this because they’re the ones that keep me going. Even in my lowest and most hardest moments, kind words from my supporters get me up and running again. They make me feel purposeful.

Q. What’s next ?

I plan on doing more promotion for the ep. Ill have a couple summer tracks that I think a lot of the listeners will like. Maybe another project will come soon. Oh, and I’ll also be doing collaborations and features since my EP is finished. Looking forward to that a lot. Other than that I’ll be creating new sounds and new vibes with new experiences and new people.

Keep up to date with Emeril Picasso on social media : @emerilpicasso