Dive Deep Into Steve Edwards’ New Music Video For The Single “Fallen”

Steve Edwards is back with a second release this year, the single “Fallen,” accompanied by a wonderful music video offering a breathtaking scenery shot in nature. Steve Edwards first marked spirits earlier this year with the release of “Colour Of Blood,” the first song off his upcoming album Born. “Fallen” is another masterful display of Edward’s heartfelt vocals and infectious melodies. 

The singer-songwriter and guitarist has always had music running through his veins, and his passion for creating a modern yet authentic form of rock is quite refreshing in today’s saturated music industry. Throughout his life, Steve has traveled the world and joined several successful bands but today, he has decided to make some extremely bold moves and present his solo works for the first time with the two singles already released and the upcoming album Born. 

“Fallen” and “Colour Of Blood,” each beautiful in their own way, display two different facets of the charismatic Steve Edwards, and both are true treats for rock fans around the world.