Defying Odds Is Raquel Kiaraa’s Timeless Classic Everyone Should Hear

Raquel Kiaraa is out with a new album Defying Odds that includes eleven heartfelt songs. Pouring truth, authenticity, and strong emotions, these songs are the testament of Raquel’s eclectic style that she has developed in such a short period of time. “Love Got Me Sick” especially is a one of a kind song from the album that has been receiving huge amounts of positive feedback.

An absolutely inspiring woman, Raquel shared the meaning behind the title of the album which is to uplift women all around the world. ‘Defying odds’ is what women do every day, living their dream, achieving the impossible, overcoming all obstacles. As a woman of many talents, Raquel is soon to be a mother for the second time which is what inspired her to come up with such a powerful title.

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