BlessedKingTheArtist Releases His Second Track “Devil’s Gospel”

Rising star and the new voice of rap, BlessedKingTheArtist dropped a brand new track named “Devil’s Gospel.” His dynamic flow exposes a bunch of confidence and ambition to make damage in the game, and while he jumps on the bouncy beat, personal lyrics swim with deep vocal pitch.

BlessedKingTheArtist has a distinct vibe worth listening to. We have been tracking his career since his debut, and he constantly improves and adapts to new trends. Yet, he still manages to keep his unique signature sounds.

What we cherished the most in his craft is an ability to find the dopest beats – “Devil’s Gospel” is minimal and gritty but it features sick hoovers and rumbling kicks. The track is equipped with the properties that have become synonymous with iconic productions, kudos.