As Spiritual As It Gets: Hazeline Taffe Drops New Album The Holy Awakening

If you like your music to be filled with spirituality, wisdom, and pure love, Hazeline Taffe is your go-to artist. The singer and songwriter has made it her specialty to create music inspired by a wide range of genres including gospel, r&b, pop, and soul, while lyrically tackling thematics that are filled with spirituality and life’s most essential teachings. 

Her latest album, The Holy Awakening, encompasses all the above mentioned and more, and represents Hazeline’s most meticulous and well-structured collection of songs released to date.  This is not her first major release, as hse had already blessed audiences with two beautiful albums; Humanitarian Change and Finally. 

A heroic woman and artist who had to surmount inhumane events, Hazeline Taffe is growing stronger by the day, both inwards and outwards, with more and more fans following her music and inspiring story, so hurry-up and meet the empowering Hazeline Taffe by streaming her new album, The Holy Awakening!

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