16-Year Old Jawsooth releases EP “FlashyWayz”

Florida artist Jawsooth just released his first 4-Track EP titled “FlashyWayz” and its a ‘RAGE RAP” masterpiece. 

Jaw features the likes of YkcKari & GuwapChino on his second record on the project. The 16-year-old artist has been learning to mix and master music since the end of 2021 and fell involved with the process. Jaw released his first record titled “Purge” in 2021 and got amazing reactions from Youtube and Twitch streamers, He was able to take the constructive criticism given to him and improve.

The 4 track EP shows his progression and improvement within his music, He’s trying to improve each day and is taking his supporters along the journey with him.

Check out the 4 track EP below and let him know what you think.