YSL RICO Trial Defense Attorney Arrested on Gang Charges


UPDATE (Feb. 16):

Local outlet WSBTV confirmed that Nicole Fegan has been booked and processed, but that the current Fulton County cyberattack is preventing her mugshot from being released. Additionally, Defense attorney Renee Rockwell confirmed with the news outlet that Fegan has a $40K bond and could be released from jail later tonight. Rockwell said her client is innocent of all charges.

Original Story (Feb. 16):

The plot has thickened in the YSL RICO trial, but not exactly pertaining to those on trial. A member of the legal counsel is now facing charges of her own.

YSL RICO Trial Defense Attorney Reportedly Arrested on Gang Charges

On Friday (Feb. 16), YSL defense attorney Nicole Fegan was arrested on gang-related charges in Atlanta. The Atlanta Police Department confirmed with XXL this afternoon that Fegan has been taken into custody and transported to Fulton County Jail on charges of participation in criminal street gang activity and criminal solicitation to commit tampering with evidence.

Attorney Nicole Fegan’s charges stem from a 2022 incident, unrelated to the YSL RICO case, in which two men were shot in northwest Atlanta. Following an investigation, Atlanta police allege that Fegan made direct contact with a suspect in the September 2022 shooting, informing him of an active warrant for his arrest. After learning of the warrant during a court hearing related to the shooting, Nicole Fegan allegedly told the then-suspect to get rid of his phone as police were preparing for the arrest. The APD also confirmed that Fegan was not representing the suspect as his attorney.

As it pertains to the YSL RICO trial, Nicole Fegan represented accused YSL affiliate Tenquarius Mender. Mender was severed from the case in May of 2023 after the State of Georgia motioned to have him tried separately from Young Thug due to the fact that Fegan was pregnant at the time and was awaiting maternity leave. Tenquarius Mender faces charges of possession of a telecommunication device by an incarcerated individual and participation in criminal street gang-related activity, and other RICO-associated charges.

XXL has reached out to the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office for a statement on the matter.

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Could Fulton County’s Cyberattack by Ransomware Group Affect the YSL Trial?

The news of defense attorney Nicole Fegan’s gang-related charges continues the Young Thug and YSL RICO trial’s trajectory as the wildest trial in hip-hop history. From Young Thug’s song lyrics being presented as evidence to Judge Glanville’s dog being present in the courtroom, and everything in between, the court proceedings have been riddled with bizarre moments.

Most recently, the Fulton County Government was the victim of a cyberattack which could potentially lead to confidential information about Young Thug, YSL and the identity of the trial’s jury being exposed to the public.

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Check out the tweets below from WSB-TV reporter Michael Seiden for more updates regarding attorney Nicole Fegan’s arrest on gang-related charges.

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