Why Is 50 Cent the Only Person in Hip-Hop Blasting Diddy?


For the last four months, Diddy has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. The Bad Boy Entertainment founder has been hit with four lawsuits. In those court documents, three women and one man accuse Diddy of different crimes including sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment and several more scandalous acts. While most people in hip-hop remained mum on the matter, 50 Cent has been calling Puff out every step of the way.

50 Cent has had issues with Diddy for years, but since Cassie sued Diddy last November, Fif has been on Diddy’s helmet, calling out Puff on social media and at shows. The more lawsuits that have rolled in, the harder Fif has gone at Puff. The Queens, N.Y. rapper hasn’t just relegated his Puffy disdain to jokes. He wants to crush the music exec. 50 has even hinted on multiple occasions that he is producing a documentary about Diddy’s misdeeds called Diddy Do It?.

50 Cent’s beef with Diddy goes deeper than Fif’s feelings about Puff’s alleged wrongdoing. The G-Unit head honcho has previously called out Puff in the past. On an episode of Drink Champs in 2020, Fif called Puff a “fruit-pop” and claimed Diddy tried to take him shopping. The two artists are also tied together by a woman. Daphne Joy, the mother of 50’s son Sire, previously dated Diddy. Joy is accused in a lawsuit of being Diddy’s sex worker.

Why Is 50 Cent the Only Rapper Publicly Calling Out Diddy?

The answer to why 50 Cent is the only rapper going at Diddy is layered. One would think it would be easy to toss Diddy into the pile of the other casualties of the Me Too movement, like R. Kelly and Bill Cosby, both of whom have been convicted of sex crimes. Def Jam cofounder Russell Simmons has faced nearly 20 sexual assault lawsuits since 2018, and though he’s exiled himself to Bali to reportedly skate legal persecution, he still remains a beloved figure by many people in the hip-hop industry. Whatever side someone may be on, speaking on the accusations against Diddy may not be that cut and dry.

For one, Diddy has yet to be convicted or even charged with a crime, as of the writing of this piece. All there is to go off are allegations, albeit damning and from multiple people. Until he is legally held responsible, rappers probably don’t feel it’s their place to comment.

Puff is also one of the most powerful men in the music industry. With that power comes fear. Some artists might be afraid to speak up out of fear of being blackballed, losing opportunities or being called a hater. Some artists could think Diddy may blow up their car like he was accused of doing to Kid Cudi in the past.

Then, some rappers could have their own skeletons in their closets. As a result, they may want to keep from being exposed as well. Meek Mill and Yung Miami were both mentioned in the latest lawsuit filed against Diddy by producer Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones in February. Yung Miami, who dated Diddy, is even accused of transporting “pink cocaine” for Puff and being involved with illegal activity. She’s also accused of being paid by Diddy to be his sex worker.

Who Has Joined 50 Cent Against Diddy?

No one in rap has publicly blasted Diddy like 50 Cent, but there are some people who have spoken out. Former Bad Boy artist Mark Curry has chimed in about Diddy’s allegations on multiple occasions. According to Curry, Diddy is fully capable of the things he’s been accused of. Controversial hip-hop streamer DJ Akademiks hasn’t held his tongue. Comedian Katt Williams also commented on the allegations against Puff to Shannon Sharpe during an episode of the Club Shay Shay podcast that went viral back in January.

“I’ve had to turn down $50 million four times,” Katt said in the interview. “Four times. Just to protect my integrity and that virgin hole I was telling you about,” he adds, referencing earlier comments about some actors having to commit sex acts to get roles. “’Cause P. Diddy be wanting to party and you gotta tell him no. You got to tell him no. I did. See, I got receipts for everything I’m telling you. That’s why I can say them so freely.”

Joe Budden just recently spoke on Diddy’s legal drama, saying things could get ugly for the embattled executive producer.

Then there are some rappers taking up for Diddy. Slim Thug recently lamented about Diddy possibly going down due to “accusations.” Mistah F.A.B. thinks Diddy is intentionally being “publicly castrated.” He blames Diddy’s lawsuit with Diageo as the culprit for the new legal matters.

The court of public opinion and civil lawsuits aside, Diddy appears to have some serious legal issues on his hands after his homes in Miami and Los Angeles were raided by the Department of Homeland Security on Monday (March 25), reportedly in connection to a sex trafficking investigation. With rappers speaking out against him or not, there might be no way out.

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