Video of Sexyy Red in High School Fight Surfaces


Sexyy Red went viral today but it wasn’t for her music. An old video from high school of the “SkeeYee” rapper in a fight with another female student has surfaced online.

Old Video of Sexyy Red Fighting in High School Surfaces

On Sunday (May 19), X user @__plugtalk__ posted an old video of Sexyy Red when she was in high school fighting with another girl during class. In the clip, which can be viewed below, the St. Louis rapper approaches the other female student whose back is turned and begins pummeling her. The two start squabbling in the classroom while other students appear to be cheering them on.

A teacher eventually steps in to break up the fight but is unable to pull the women apart. As the teacher seems to gain control over the situation involving the two students, Red maintains a firm grip on the hair of the other student and refuses to let go. Before the video ends, Red manages to deliver a few more blows.

Although the video is grainy, you could make out that it was Sexyy Red who was wearing a pink sweatsuit. The 26-year-old rhymer also hopped on X to confirm that the old high school fight video is legit.

“Been on Det!!!!” she wrote in a post containing the old fight video.

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Sexyy Red Gets Blocked From Entering Her Old High School

Sexyy Red’s old fight video comes after her local high school recently gave her the boot for smelling like marijuana.

Last April, Sexyy Red posted multiple videos on her Instagram Story that showed her pulling up to a local high school in her hometown of St. Louis. In the clips, hundreds of kids are surrounding Red’s car as she popped out of the sunroof and began twerking for her young fans. The party apparently stopped there. According to Red, the school blocked her from entering because she smelled like weed.

“Look, so this school, I came up here, got cute, tried to talk to the kids give ’em the word of the day and they gonna put me off tell me I smell like weed,” Red said in the video below, before cussing out the people who turned her away. “B***h, you’re nobody, they ain’t come to see you, Otis! B***h, you heard who they’re screaming for.”

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See an old video of Sexyy Red fighting in high school below.

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