Tyler, The Creator Responds to Azealia Banks’ Lil Nas X Comment


Azealia Banks recently urged Tyler, The Creator and Lil Nas X to form a power couple, prompting a response from Tyler.

Azealia Banks Plays Matchmaker

On Sunday (April 7), the ever-opinionated Azealia Banks offered her unsolicited thoughts about Tyler and Nas X on Instagram.

“I really think Tyler the creator and lil nas x should get over their obsession with broke White bussy and become a power couple,” Banks wrote on IG below. “I think the sensationalism of successful Black gay men toting trailer a*s rent man hookers as arm candy is played, predictable and and they’re both obviously being objectified and plotted on by these boys for hire. It would be way more monumental to see to young Black gay men as an item. Even just for aesthetic reasons. The idea of spending the extra hardly earned Black male dollars on some cheap White buss is extra whack.”

She captioned the post in part, “No more white Taco Bell eating Caucasian twinkery guys. The image is not giving. You two as an item would shift culture so hard. And Tyler can teach lil nas x how to rap so he can stop doing his Azealia Banks impression and fire all these weird white creative directors who obviously have no point of references or respect for the nuance, sheer musical opulence and political groundwork laid out for him to inherit.”

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Tyler, The Creator Reacts Azealia Banks Comments

Tyler, The Creator caught wind of the post. The same day, he shared his thoughts in the comment section writing, “lmfao what the hell.” Lil Nas X has not responded to the post.

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Check out Azealia Banks’s post about Tyler, The Creator and Lil Nas X below.

See Azealia Banks’ Post

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