These Are the Worst Bars in Rap Songs, According to Hip-Hop Fans


In hip-hop, while there are many great lyricists, there are instances when rappers deliver some subpar rhymes. On X, formerly known as Twitter, a trending topic emerged asking fans to post examples of the worst bars in rap songs…and it’s hilarious.

On Friday (Feb. 23), X user @BattleRapBum jumped on the social media platform and asked fans to post the worst bar they have ever heard. And the fans didn’t disappoint.

Overwhelming, Canibus‘ questionable line on his 1998 LL Cool J diss track “Second Round K.O.” was mentioned. The former battle rapper’s lyric: “Well, lemme tell you somethin’, you might got more cash than me/But you ain’t got the skills to eat a n***a’s a*s like me” may not have raised eyebrows back then, but in today’s ultra-sensitive world, it’s a head scratcher.

Meek Mill‘s cousin OMelly and his bizarre 2014 freestyle on Sway in the Morning was also mentioned. The former Dreamchaser artist’s spitting his incoherent lyrics was a viral moment on the show.

Eminem was posted a few times as well. In one post, which can be viewed below, a fan shared a video of the Detroit rapper’s freestyle where he weirdly spits, “It’s fun for me just to grab a boob/Plus, my pee-nus got an attitude.”

Another person shared a video of Childish Gambino’s 2011 song “Freeks and Geeks” where he oddly raps, “Man, you hungry, have this sandwich/Got my wallet, cheese and lettuce/An elephant never forgets, so my d**k remembers everything.” What does that even mean?

Since fans on X posted so many funny examples of bad lyrics, XXL wanted to share a list of some of the worst bars in rap songs, according to hip-hop fans below. Check them out. It’s hilarious.

Take a Look at the Worst Bars in Rap Songs, According to Hip-Hop Fans

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