The Sky’s The Limit When Your Name Is Blink: Debut Single “Wanna Party”

When your name is Blink, the sky’s the limit. With such talent, ambition, and positivity, the young Orlando rapper is combining all the ingredients to become an established urban artist whose voice will reach far in the future. His debut joint, the joyful and energetic “Wanna Party” is an exclusive invitation to his own sonic and personal world, where partying and good vibes make the norm. 

The clip dropped with the song pays tribute to Blink’s vision of the perfect party, and after watching the visulas a couple of times in a row, we couldn’t agree more with him than with his display of the essentials for a successful night out. 

He gives the fans  that chilling, steezy, player type of music vibes, a soothing one that makes you wanna party and press play on repeat. The girls, the limo, the drinks, it’s all there!