“The One” Gets A Must-Watch Music Video: J Aktive

“Found myself the one”, J Aktive raps as the minimalistic track “The One” begins. The song just got a music video that depicts a couple in love and is just a gorgeous representation of the artist’s vision. 

“I had this vision of an innocent date at an amusement park with a suspenseful twist. I brainstormed with Kayla Young (Videographer) to bring my vision to life. We also brought on Janice Ecles (Actress) because I thought she had the perfect look for what we were going for,” the hip-hop artist said in a recent interview, speaking about the music video and its execution. With hundreds of thousands of streams and views, the track is one of the fan-favorites on J Aktive’s debut album Bad Luv

Much can be said about Bad Luv, but we’ll just say that it is one powerful piece of art, carrying the artist’s signature style and dynamic energy along with a silky sonic vibe that is unique to J Aktive. It includes eight songs and spans a good thirty minutes, during which you’re guaranteed to forget your troubles and vibe with the beat.

Check out J Aktive’s album Bad Luv here!