StevenCharles Breathes New Life Into His Sound With Latest Single “My Destination”

R&B singer-songwriter StevenCharles hopes to reach out to fans and inspire them with his  recent release “My Destination.” The talented musician talks about his new sound and what he wishes to realize with the song; “It’s the first of many inspirational themed songs, and I hope people can just vibe with the good energy that pulses from the track. The beat is fire and the lyrics are refreshing, it’s something so unique and it’s definitely the start of a new sound for me.”

Teaming up with the producer itsMODES for the first time, StevenCharles dropped the single on September 8, 2022. “My Destination,” which is the follow-up to the popular songs “Love You Still” and “Stay,” will soon be accompanied by a music video. 

The Montreal native says that his favorite parts of the track are “the rainbows and sunshine always come after the showers” and “our potential is infinity.” “My Destination” has reflective lyrics that tend to motivate and help overcome dark days: “So I won’t wait/ For my joy to come/ I’m smiling(shining) today/ And although it’s taking/ Way too long to finally get/ To my destination/ My mind’s my creation/ No time to be wasted yea.”

StevenCharles aspires to make “My Destination” a global hit and make an international name for himself, earning the opportunity to collaborate with acclaimed musicians like Alicia Keys, Ty Dolla $ign, John Legend, and The Weeknd.

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