Soulja Boy Is Done Working With Producers After Copyright Claim


Soulja Boy stated online this week that he’s done working with producers after receiving a new copyright claim.

Soulja Boy Says He’s Done Working With Producers

On Monday (Aug. 21), Soulja Boy hopped on Twitter and explained why he won’t be collaborating with producers anymore. According to the 33-year-old rhymer’s tweet below, his latest mixtape, Soulja Season, was removed from all streaming platforms after a producer filed a copyright claim against him.

“My album ‘Soulja Season’ was taken off DSPs because of a copyright claim from a producer,” Soulja Boy wrote in a tweet. “I purchased the beat from 100% this is the third time this happened.”

The Southern-bred rapper also mentioned other times when producers claimed he didn’t have permission to use their beats before stating that he’s done working with producers.

Soulja Boy typed: “First ‘Biggest Opp’ then ‘BigDraco3’ This may be my last time working with producers. They messing it for all producers!”

After posting the tweet, the rapper tagged an independent digital music distribution named DistroKid underneath it to seemingly get their opinion on the matter.

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Soulja Boy Takes SouljaGame Console and SouljaGame Handheld Off the Market After Facing Potential Lawsuit From Nintendo

In December of 2018, Soulja Boy almost got in some legal trouble with Nintendo for allegedly imitating the company’s games on his SouljaGame consoles. In a since-deleted tweet, the rapper ridiculed people who thought he was getting sued before assuring that the games were fully licensed. Days later, fans noticed that SouljaGame Console and SouljaGame Handheld weren’t being sold anymore. In an old tweet, which can be seen below, Soulja Boy alluded that his consoles being removed from the market was a boss move and he had no control over what transpired.

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Take a look at why Soulja Boy won’t work with any producers below.

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