Shaq Calls Ice Spice ‘Fine’ After Meeting Her, People React


Ice Spice is getting some praise from Shaquille O’Neal, and a lot of people think it’s pretty cringe.

Shaq Calls Ice Spice “Fine”

On Tuesday (Feb. 13), Shaq hopped on Instagram to post a picture he took alongside Taylor Swift and Ice Spice at the 2024 Super Bowl on Sunday (Feb.11). In the caption, Shaq thanked Taylor West for the introduction to Ice Spice, and wrote that the Bronx rapper was, “so d*m fine.”

Spice also posted a picture she took with Shaq, but fans were immediately turned off by Shaq’s odd compliment.

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Fans React to Shaq’s Ice Spice Compliment

People took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share their thoughts on Shaq calling Ice Spice “fine.” The overwhelming majority of people thought it was a cringe thing to say considering Shaq is 51 and Ice Spice is 24.

“Shaq calling Ice Spice fine is….” one person wrote on X. “Shaq and ice spice is mad cringe,” wrote another person.

“This is actually kind of creepy I don’t care that ice spice is legal Shaq is a grandpa,” another wrote. However, some people oddly agreed with Shaq Diesel.

“Ice Spice IS so d**n fine and thanks Taylor for giving me another opportunity to look at her,” one person wrote.

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See Shaq’s Instagram post and people’s reactions to it below.

See Shaq’s Post on Instagram

See People’s Reactions to Shaq’s Instagram Post

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