Sexyy Red Warns Kayla B She’ll Have to Share Chief Keef


Sexyy Red warns King Von‘s sister Kayla B that she’ll have to share Chief Keef after Kayla posts a photo of her kissing Sosa.

Sexyy Red Claps Back at King Von’s Sister

On Wednesday (June 26), Sexyy Red decided to clap back at Kayla B after the latter shared a photo on Instagram of her kissing Chief Keef. In the caption, Kayla tagged Sexyy and said they should all be a family.

“Let’s be a familyyyyyy @sexyyred,” Kayla wrote. Sexyy Red soon after replied in Kayla’s comments.

“Wya we finna come get chu !!” Sexyy wrote.

Sexyy then responded further with another Instagram post of her own. In a series of photos, Sexyy is lying in bed holding one of Sosa’s chains. A separate photo then has Sexyy shoving the chain in her underwear.

“We go together now mwah gimme ah kiss,” Sexyy captioned the pics.

Kayla then shared her own carousel of photos, which included one of her wearing Sosa’s chain and another one of Keef listening to music while relaxing in bed with her.

“You can’t run me off that easy now,” Sexyy said in a video response posted on her Instagram Story. “I guess we gonna have to share that d*ck. We sharing this ni**a. You can’t run me off that easy baby. We gonna have to share that d*ck OK?”

To drive the point home even further, Sexyy then shared another carousel of photos on her Instagram that includes one of her cooking tacos for Sosa. Keef is also notably wearing the same outfit seen in Kayla’s Instagram and includes a timestamp of 2:11 AM. While the Instagram post has no caption, Sexyy Red is implying Chief Keef came home to her after he left Kayla’s.

Kayla then wrote in a since-deleted comment that her “period juice” was all over Sosa’s outfit.

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Sexyy Red and King Von’s Sister Have Traded Jabs All Week

Rumors of a budding romance between Chief Keef and the sister of the late King Von started last week after Sosa commented “My boo” underneath an Instagram photo of Kayla.

Sexyy immediately hopped on her IG Story, and said she was “done with these ni**as” before vibing out to NBA YoungBoy’s “Preach” with her middle finger in the air. Sexyy also tagged Chief Keef’s Instagram.

It appears Sexyy Red has since had a change of heart and plans to fight for Sosa’s love, but this whole debacle comes after Sexyy clarified that Chief Keef was “just my brudda.” Fans were wondering if any romance was afoot between the two rappers after they took some photos together with Sexyy wearing Keef’s chain.

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Check out all the back and forth between Sexyy Red and Kayla B below.

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