Sexyy Red Gives Birth to New Baby


Congratulations are in order for Sexyy Red, who gave birth to a new baby over the weekend.

Sexyy Red Gives Birth

On Monday (Feb. 5), Sexyy Red confirmed on Instagram that she had given birth to a new baby. She still has yet to reveal the identity of her new child’s father, or the gender of the child but wrote on IG that she was eager to get back outside.

“Me waitin to get discharged from the hospital so I can hit da block wit da guys,” she wrote.

Sexyy Red previously posed for a maternity photoshoot with a mystery man on Jan. 12, but the child’s father’s face was blurred out. Sexyy also has a son with another man.

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Sexyy Red’s Pregnancy Journey

The “SkeeYee” rapper announced that she was pregnant in October of 2023 via photos on Instagram. Sexyy then revealed a few days later that she had actually been pregnant for quite some time without anyone knowing. In fact, Sexyy had performed her entire first headlining Hood Hottest Princess Tour while pregnant. The tour wrapped in late November of 2023.

The St. Louis rapper recently made headlines for recording herself driving 130 miles per hour despite being preggers. In the clips, the pregnant rapper can be seen slowly pushing her foot down on the gas, as the vehicle continues to accelarate until it gets over 100 miles per hour. In another clip, Sexyy Red peaks at 130 miles per hour before slowing the car down.

Fans had a lot to say about the antic, with many questioning her parental abilities and comparing her to Chrisean Rock.

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See photos of Sexyy Red in the hospital after giving birth below.

See Photos of Sexyy Red in the Hospital on Instagram

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