See How a 6ix9ine Sculpture Was Made and Put on a Street Corner


A 6ix9ine memorial statue has been built and put on display in Cuba, and people have a lot to say about it.

6ix9ine Sculpture Built and Put on a Street Corner in Cuba

On Tuesday (Jan. 2), the Cuban sculptor Genis Osoria Vargas unveiled the bronze statue on his Instagram. He said the sculpture, which can be seen below and features a shirtless 6ix9ine holding wads of cash, was made at the request of a client. Vargas honored the client’s admittedly “unique request,” and acknowledged that 6ix9ine was “one of the most controversial rappers today.”

The rainbow-haired rapper is a frequent visitor to the island. He’s been seen on video on multiple occasions giving away tons of cash to locals. Most notably, 6ix9ine’s third studio album Leyenda Viva was partially recorded in Cuba, and even features an appearance from Cuban singer Lenier Mesa on “Wapae.”

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People React to 6ix9ine Statue

People had a lot to say about the statue on X, formerly known as Twitter, but many fans seemed mostly in support of 6ix9ine’s memorialization.

“He is kind to the poor, deserved,” one person wrote. Another added, “Bro is actually huge in the latin community.”

However, other people were quick to clown the Brooklyn rapper.

“He prob paid for it himself,” wrote one critic. Another one added, “Yall love tryna make this man relevant. I am speaking for everyone, we do not feel a thing.”

6ix9ine himself has not yet reacted to the statue.

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Check out pictures of the 6ix9ine sculpture and reactions to it below.

Watch the Process of 6ix9ine Sculpture Being Created

See Reactions to 6ix9ine’s Sculpture on X

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