Scotty IV – No Dice ft. Tahir & Charlie Noiir

Scotty IV (pronounced ‘eye-vee’) comes into the new year hot with his single “No Dice.” Written and
recorded by the artist himself, “No Dice” features Stay Out Late affiliates Tahir and Charlie Noir. The track
challenges contemporary hip-hop sounds with Scotty’s ferocious and emotion-filled melodies, Tahir’s
bone-biting flow, and Charlie Noir’s witty lyricism. “No Dice” is Scotty’s most vulnerable work to date. Despite this, the menacing energy of the record is held consistently throughout. Alongside famed producer Prezident Jeff, the duo reject sonic boundaries traditionally heard hailing from Toronto. “No Dice” spits visceral emotion with an “IDGAF“ flair.
Directed by Ashley Harris and co-directed by SOL creative director Jei Parks, and Scotty IV himself, “No
Dice” is a visual rollercoaster through the gritty underbelly of the city. Inspired by Stanley Kubricks iconic
“A Clockwork Orange” the visuals showcase each artist in their most unadulterated element.