Scotty IV – Libido

Libido is Scotty IV’s second single of the year and third release following the recently dropped FAWAD music video via YouTube and posted by Complex as Canada’s Top Ten single of the month. The song is a playfully dark nod to the coming days of summer, it is a boastful record with solid energy and tight delivery. 

Despite the record’s jovial disposition, it’s still packed with the dense word play that has become a Scotty IV calling card. Inspired by Scotty’s love for Nirvana, in particular, the band’s lead singer, Kirk Cobain, the record touches on Scotty’s love of women, crew and destiny. 

Scotty IV (pronounced ‘eye – vee’), represents the spirit of the hip hop scene in Toronto in its purest form. Over the past few years, Toronto has slowly etched its own name within the music scene as one of the world’s most revered hotbeds of talent, and within that, Scotty and his STAY OUT LATE collective have risen as a pillar in the community.

Born on the east end of the city, in the suburb of Scarborough, Scotty spent his formative years on the opposite end, in the talent-laden suburb of Brampton. It was here, he met Tremayne, Jei Parks and Erkz, which formed what would soon become the nucleus of STAY OUT LATE. 

From every corner of life, Scottys experiences bleed through heavily in his music. Stories of tragedy, redemption, celebration, growth and tales of survival to the highest of life’s highs and the overindulgences that come within those moments, Scotty IV’s range of experiences are vast and more importantly unique. It’s these experiences that formulate the duality of his character and the backbone of his mixtape series;  Substance & Abuse. It is this juxtaposition, a microcosm of life itself, that optimizes Scotty IV and his journey to unearth meaning, purpose and liberation via his creation.