Rubi Rose Fan Claims $62,000 OnlyFans in a Month Story Was a Hoax


The Rubi Rose fan who allegedly spent $62,000 in one month on her OnlyFans account now claims it was all a hoax.

Rubi Rose’s Alleged Biggest OnlyFans Spender Claims the $62,000 Story Was a Hoax

On Tuesday (Dec. 12), the man who allegedly spent over $62,000 on Rubi Rose’s OnlyFans account appeared on an episode of the No Jumper podcast. During the 47-minute tell-all interview, the unidentified man claims that the entire story, including the fact that he met Rubi Rose in person, was all part of an elaborate marketing scheme orchestrated by the rapper’s team. In fact, the man insists that he never purchased any OnlyFans content from Rubi Rose at all.

“No, I didn’t purchase none of her OnlyFans content,” the man tells host Adam22 in the video below as he’s asked if the situation was a hoax. “I got in the situation where I just went and took a picture with Rubi Rose, right? I got paid for it. I didn’t know exactly what it was for. I think it was like a promo thing or something or whatever the f**k it was, you know?”

He continues: “I met up with her, I take this picture. The next day, I’m like the f**king OnlyFans top spender. I knew there was some kind of thing where it had to do with the top OnlyFans spender s**t but I didn’t know what the f**k was going on. They made it look like I was her top spender.”

The alleged Rubi Rose fan then explains that the powers that be let him know that he would be posed as an OnlyFans subscriber but he wasn’t made aware of any other details. He further mentions that he certainly didn’t expect the story to go viral the way it did. Finally, the man clarifies that while there is an actual account that paid Rubi the $62,000 via OnlyFans, he had nothing to do with it.

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Rubi Rose Poses for a Photo With the Man Claiming the OnlyFans Story Was a Hoax

The man’s unconfirmed revelation regarding Rubi Rose and her team comes two weeks after the Kentucky-bred rapper shared a photo of the alleged meet-up with her biggest spender. On Dec. 1, Rubi tweeted the picture of her and the man who appeared on the No Jumper podcast. She also included a screenshot of an OnlyFans profile that shows a total of $62,321.70 had been sent to her within one month.

XXL has reached out to Rubi Rose and her team for an official statement on the man’s claims.

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Watch the man claim it was all a hoax on the No Jumper podcast and see the photos of him and Rubi Rose below.

Watch the Rubi Rose Fan Who Allegedly Spent $62,000 in One Month on Her OnlyFans Claim It Was All a Hoax

See Rubi Rose Meet Up With Her Alleged Biggest OnlyFans Spender

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