Real Boston Richey Insists His Girlfriend Is 23 Not 18


Real Boston Richey is attempting to clear up his girlfriend’s age and claims she’s 23 not 18.

Real Boston Richey Insists His Girlfriend Is 23 Not 18

On Wednesday (Feb. 21), Real Boston Richey appeared in a livestream alongside his girlfriend, model Tatiana Chanell, enjoying a boat trip with her. The rapper took a moment to clarify her age.

“Bro she 18?” Richey said to the camera with his arm around her. “This girl 23.”

Richey’s brief response came after allegations surfaced on X, formerly known as Twitter, of the rapper dating Chanell before she turned 18. Chanell had previously celebrated her birthday in January with a lingerie shoot and a cake that had “legal” written on it, implying she may have just celebrated her 18th birthday.

Chanell’s mother then appeared to defend her daughter’s relationship with Real Boston Richey on her Instagram Story on Jan. 16.

“Why y’all h*es so pressed about my daughter? Y’all weird AF,” she wrote on IG, via a screenshot captured by Say Cheese! “Y’all know absolutely nothing about me and d**n sure don’t know s**t about my daughter. And I d**n sure ain’t clearing s***t up!!”

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Real Boston Richey Defends XXL Cypher Incest Lyric

This unfortunately isn’t the first time Real Boston Richey has come under scrutiny for inappropriate relations. The Freebandz rapper came under fire when he dropped a controversial freestyle bar during his XXL Freshman cypher back in 2023.

“Always been a freaky jit, trying to f**k my cousin under the covers,” Richey rapped. Many people criticized the lyric saying it was inappropriate and incestual.

The Florida rapper had rapped alongside his fellow 2023 Freshmen Fridayy, Finesse2Tymes and Lola Brooke.

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Watch Real Boston Richey clarify his girlfriend’s age in the video below.

Watch Real Boston Richey Clarify His Girlfriend’s Age

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