Ray J Explains Celebrities’ Silence on Diddy Allegations


Ray J has weighed in on why celebrities are avoiding speaking out about the serious allegations of sex trafficking and sexual misconduct leveled against Diddy.

Ray J Shares Thoughts on Celebrities’ Silence About Diddy Allegations

On Saturday (April 6), TMZ posted a video on their YouTube channel of Ray J talking with a cameraman about Diddy’s ongoing legal battles. When questioned why some of Diddy’s closest friends haven’t spoken out, the R&B singer-turned-television executive gave a reasonable explanation.

Ray J said that he wasn’t surprised that celebrities are being quiet about Diddy’s legal plight. He believes they are taking their time to comprehend the serious allegations and are waiting to see how it all plays out.

“I think a lot of people are just trying to understand it. Understand what is and what’s not, you know,” Ray J said at the 30-second mark in the video below. “It’s still a big question mark.”

“I pray for everybody though. Prayers go up for everybody,” he added.

For the record, former Bad Boy producer and friend Stevie J appears to be standing by Diddy and has been defending him against the onslaught of trolling by 50 Cent.

Recently, Akon said he was praying for Diddy.

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Several People Are Now Speaking Out Against Diddy

Former Bad Boy artists Mark Curry and E. Ness (of Making the Band fame) have both addressed Diddy’s allegations of sexual misconduct. In an interview with The Art of Dialogue back in January, Curry said Diddy is fully capable of the allegations he’s being accused of.

Meanwhile, E. Ness, in a March episode of Thankx4Askin podcast, somewhat described what he believes happens at Diddy’s alleged drug-fueled “freak offs.”

“They select you,” Ness explained. “You have to fit a certain description. You have to fit a certain mannerism for you to be led down that hallway with the door.”

“The way they attack you is through photo shoots and video shoots,” he added. “They sending the stylist, if you getting your hair braided. One of those guy be not the way you think they should be. And if you showing them the most love, that’s the battlefield. ‘He’s one of them.'”

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See Ray J sharing his thoughts on why celebrities are not speaking out on Diddy allegations below.

Watch Ray J Explain Why Celebrities Are Not Speaking Out on Diddy Allegations

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