Rappers’ Jobs Before They Were Famous


Some of your favorite rappers are rich and famous now, but they started from humble beginnings when it came to the job they had before acquiring wealth via the music industry. Method Man worked at the Statue of Liberty and Ludacris was a disk jockey being taking off as an MC. Rick Ross infamously worked as a correctional officer in Florida. Even some of your favorite newer artists had to get it how they lived before their music careers took off by working mundane gigs.

Much has been learned about Ice Spice since her breakout year in 2022, including the fact that she was a volleyball player in high school. Before she was calling men munches, she was helping them get their munch on as a worker at Wendy’s. She also had a gig at Gap before finding fame.

There has been no shame in Cardi B‘s game when it comes to her past as an exotic dancer. Prior to her come-up on Love and Hip Hop, she worked at Club Lust in Brooklyn. In 2018, she voiced support for the club after it shut down after the club’s owner, Imran Jairam, claimed the business was unfairly targeted by the NYPD and the State Liquor Authority.

Playboi Carti moves to the beat of his own drum when it comes to his fashion sense. Before he was selling out shows, he was selling garments at H&M where he worked during high school while also working on music as an aspiring rap artist.

Check out the regular jobs some of your favorite young rappers including Lil Uzi Vert, XXXTentacionGloRilla, Jack Harlow and others had before the fortune and fame below.

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