Polo G’s Mom Addresses Video of Her Shooting Gun at Daughter


Polo G‘s mom Stacia Mac speaks out on a viral video of her shooting a gun at her daughter.

Viral Video Shows Stacia Mac Shooting Gun at Her Daughter

On Friday (June 21), a video surfaced on social media allegedly showing Polo G’s mother, Stacia Mac, shooting a gun at her daughter, Leilani Capalot. In the viral clip, which can be viewed below, a gunshot rings off and Stacia is extremely upset as she is marching out of her mansion with what appears to be a gun in her hand.

Stacia is yelling, “Get off my s**t. You tough b**ch. You touch b**ch,” while chasing her daughter. Another gunshot rings off and screams from another person, presumably her daughter, are heard. Stacia then walks back to her home still seething.

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Stacia Mac Addresses Shooting Video, Says Daughter Had “Manic Episode”

Shortly after the disturbing video surfaced on social media, Stacia took to her Instagram Stories to address the situation. In her statement, she claimed that her daughter had experienced a “manic episode” and had attacked her.

“For the past two years you’ve struggled. That struggle affected us all. Me more so bc as a REAL mom. I was front line. You’ve been self coping/ medicating drinking and passing out everywhere. You’ve refused treatment time and time again. YOU WERE HAVING A MANIC EPISODE AND ATTACKED ME IN MY HOME,” she wrote.

Stacia would also admit that she sent the video to Leilani’s father and that she did fired off shots because she wanted her daughter off her property immediately.

Meanwhile, Leilani responded on her IG Story claiming that her mother wants to be a thug and is jealous of her.

It’s unclear when the incident happened but in April of 2023, Leilani went on Instagram Live to disclose that she had an altercation with her mother. That video can be viewed below.

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Watch the shocking viral video of Polo G’s mom shooting at her daughter and read Stacia’s reaction below.

Watch Viral Video of Polo G’s Mom Stacia Mac Allegedly Shooting Gun at her Daughter

Read Stacia Mac and Her Daughter’s Reactions to the Viral Shooting Video

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