Pharrell Possibly Disses Drake on New Track ‘Double Life’


Pharrell Williams may have dissed Drake in his latest single “Double Life.”

Pharrell’s “Double Life” May Feature Drake Diss

On Friday (June 14), Pharrell dropped “Double Life,” a guitar-roaring track that will appear on the Despicable Me 4 soundtrack, which drops on July 3. The song has fans suggesting that Skateboard P sent some lyrical shots at Drizzy.

In the first verse Pharrell raps, “Hey, what are you hiding? (Watch)/What you do when you’re gone? (Hey)/Nothin’ wrong bein’ private (Watch)/Make sure it ain’t wrong (Yeah)/Your life double-sided (Watch)/Two-faced like coins/What side do I get? (Watch)/What side are you on?”

Some listeners have interpreted the lyrics as Pharrell referring to Drake’s alleged duplicity and underhanded tatics toward other rappers. However, many fans have pointed out that Pharrell may be talking about Despicable Me‘s main character Felonius Gru (or Gru for short).

According, Gru was an evil guy at first but through the Despicable Me franchise he has become a more kinder and gentle character. Judging by the single’s cover art, it looks like Gru will be displaying his good and evil personalities in DM4.

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Pharrell and Drake’s Beef Explained

Pharrell inherited his beef with Drake by way of the Toronto rap star’s feud with Pusha T in 2018. Since Pharrell is Push’s friend and mentor, the “Happy” producer has been the subject of Drizzy’s subtle disses in his songs.

In 2022, Drake acquired several Jacob & Co.-produced pieces originally owned by Pharrell. The 6 God would later showcase these expensive pieces in his music video for “Jumbtron S**t Poppin.” Last year, Drake shaded P by saying he melted down the producer’s iconic diamond bling on Travis Scott’s tune “Meltdown.” “I melt down the chains that I bought from yo’ boss,” he rapped on the song.

In May of 2024, during the infamous rap battle between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, the Compton rhymer took up for Pharrell on “Euphoria,” rapping, “I don’t like you poppin’ s**t at Pharrell, for him, I inherit the beef.”

In the “Family Matters” video, Drizzy lyrically jabs at K-Dot by showing that he still owns P’s expensive jewelry collection. “You wanna take up for Pharrell?/Well come get his legacy out my house,” Drake rapped on the song.

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Listen to Pharrell’s “Double Life” single below.

Listen to Pharrell Williams’ “Double Life” From Despicable Me 4 Movie

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