Noire Velours Unveils Her Confident Approach To Life On “Full Of Myself”

Christelle Houefa Anoumou, better known as Noire Velours, releases her latest creation, “Full Of Myself,” unveiling her confidently smooth melodies, incredible vocal talent, and empowering lyrics set to inspire women around the world. The 26-year old is rapidly expanding her audience, and the soft soulful hymns and soothing urban tones she has crafted on “Full Of Myself” are just a small hint at what its enigmatic creator is capable of producing with her voice, but also regarding the structure of the song that flows blissfully in our ears. 

Growing up between Togo and Benin, Noire Velours has been in-touch with music since her youngest age, thanks to having many family members involved in the music scene. Her vocal sweetness and tenderness have attracted her the appraisal of legendary artistic figures of the Togolese national scene, while Noire Velours is preparing to take over the rest of the world with her magical song and music video “Full Of Myself”.