NLE Choppa Says He’s Probably Reason Ice Spice Changed Number


NLE Choppa believes he might be the reason Ice Spice changed her phone number.

On Wednesday (April 12), NLE Choppa was a guest on The Breakfast Club to promote his new album Cottonwood 2, which dropped today (April 14). During the discussion, cohost Charlamagne Tha God asked the Memphis rapper to address Choppa’s previous statements that Ice Spice changed her number when Choppa started texting her.

“I was just trying to get her on a song, on the real,” Choppa admitted at the 42-minute mark of the interview (below). “People change their number…Was I probably the reason? I don’t know. Probably.”

NLE Choppa said his texts were initially music-related.

“I was business-oriented, and when I hollered she ain’t have no [issues] about it,” Choppa added.

He later admitted to shooting his shot.

“Slicky,” he said of his three-point attempt. “I slid in. I asked her, do she like vegan food? That’s probably why she changed her number.”

NLE Choppa has not been shy about his admiration for the Bronx, N.Y. rapper. Last November, he released a song titled “Ice Spice.” The announcement of the song by Choppa even got a response from Ice Spice.

Last month, NLE Choppa told Jason Lee during an interview he stopped texting Ice Spice when she apparently got a new number without notifying him.

“I don’t text her no more,” the former XXL Freshman said. “She changed her number. So, I watch from a distance. I see she’s doing a lot of big things.”

NLE Choppa recently made headlines for walking rapper Sukihana by her hair in a music video. He also addressed the backlash with TBC.

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