Nicole’s Musical Project Forgetmyname Launches In Style With 2 Singles – “Complex” And “High”

Nicole’s musical project Forgetmyname has been launched in style by the incredible artist who revealed her two debut singles “Complex” and “High” this year. Fans immediately responded positively to these two sonic gems, accumulating around 100,00 streams just on Spotify. 

Inspired by 80’s synth pop to alt-pop, 2000’s pop and many other genres, Nicole has managed to create her own lane in music, a rare occurrence nowadays when most music released seems to all resemble one another. Nicole grew up in an artistic environment and was, at an early age, singing and creating on a regular basis. 

What stuns right away with Forgetmyname’s two singles “Complex” and “High” is the deep emotionality she distills in both songs, with organic feelings and vibes that are strongly supported by the unique musicianship of the artist’s vision for sound. 

Forgetmyname has announced that she will be releasing her third single this week, so make sure to follow her on streaming and social platforms to get notified when her new song is out!