MVC x 3 Billings – Miss Me

Toronto, Ontario – MVC Links up with 3 Billings for Valentine’s inspired video “Miss Me” in this record they talk about being on road from working to touring and leaving their girls at home and their girls missing them.
We all know how this goes and this is one that the ladies will relate to.

We talked to MVC regarding this release and this is what he had to say.

Tell us a little about the Miss Me Record
Mvc – This record was random tbh 

How did you and 3 billings link up for this record?

 Mvc – basically me and 3 Billings were at my crib I decided to run thru some beats I had in my email to see if we could come up with anything but 3 Billings wasn’t feeling the vibes so I continued looking to beats while he was on Snapchat doing whatever he was doing and he randomly played a voice note while I was playing a beat and it fit with the beat from there I got the concept and made the hook and it was a wrap from there we basically freestyle our verse at the studio.

Is there a particular situation you went through that inspired this record? 

Mvc – We’ve all had those situations male or female were on the roads tryna get to the bag and your significant other or the person your talking to tend to end up missing you when you’re out there getting it and never home so I just built the vibes off of that!

Considering your last release “Shooters” what made you create a record for the ladies? 

Mvc – I’m not new to records for the ladies if you download my mixtape you’ll get the same type of vibes of off the track titled “ TrynLies “ ft my boy 4lyf … but besides that, the timing just felt right considering Valentine’s Day is coming up and I wanna show my versatility in this rap game and show you don’t only gotta talk about drilling or riding out all the time.

Do you have more records for the ladies in the vault? 

Mvc – As of right now I don’t to be honest but based on the reaction I get off this one I may just do a few more you never know!

What’s next? 

Mvc – what’s next? …. Well, I feel like I’ve been coming consistent for the most part ending 2020 coming into 2021 so I feel like now is the best time to drop an album so after “ miss me “  it’s album mode from here!