Megan Thee Stallion Warns Her Doubters That She’s Coming


Megan Thee Stallion has delivered a warning to everyone that has been calling for her that she’s coming.

Megan Thee Stallion Warns Her Doubters That She’s Coming

On Saturday (Dec. 23), Megan Thee Stallion hopped on her Instagram Live to show off her Christmas outfit and what she’s jingling with this holiday season. But later during her chat session, the Houston rhymer delivered a stern warning to those who keep calling for her that she’s coming in 2024.

When a fan asked Megan if she was excited for her new era, Megan said yes and added that she’s going to bring it next year.

“Of course, I’m excited for this era because I get to do everything I want to do whenever I want to do it,” Megan said. “And I’m about to give everybody exactly what they’ve been looking for.”

“Good or bad. Like if you’ve been calling for me…here I come. Calling for me, like, come on, pop out, calling for me, calling for me, any kind of way I’m coming. Whatever you was calling for me to do, I’m coming,” she added.

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Megan Thee Stallion and 1501 Certified Entertainment End Legal Dispute

What Megan may be referring to is the fact that she’s now a free agent after resolving her legal battle with her former label 1501 Certified Entertainment.

In October of 2023, Megan and 1501 Certified Entertainment reached a settlement, ending their three-year legal battle over an alleged unfair contract. The two parties have now gone their separate ways.

Prior to that, Megan sent a strong message to her critics after Tory Lanez was sentenced to 10 years in prison for shooting her in 2020. During her performance at the Outside Lands Music Festival back in August of 2023, the “Body” rapper addressed her detractors.

“Being a hot girl in general is just not f**kin’ easy,” Megan told the crowd. “I really appreciate y’all. So, today, I just wanna say, f**k all my haters. None of that s**t you was doing or saying broke me. None of that s**t y’all was doing or saying to the hotties broke them. I want all the hotties to put they muthaf**kin’ middle finger up, right now.”

It’s looks like Megan is ready to dominate the rap game in 2024.

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Watch Megan Thee Stallion warn her doubters that she’s coming in 2024 below.

Watch Megan Thee Stallion Warn Everyone Calling for Her That She’s Coming

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