Latto Mentions Benzino on New Song Following Coi Leray Beef


Just when you thought their feud was over, Latto mentions Benzino on a new song following her beef with Coi Leray.

Latto Mentions Benzino’s Neck on New Song

On Friday (Sept. 9), Latto has fan on social media chatting after the release of Young Nudy‘s remix to “Peaches & Eggplants,” which features herself and Sexyy Red. On the song, Latto mentions Benzino with the lyrics, “Gimme that neck like Benzino.” Many fans believe the Atlanta rhymer was dissing Coi Leray by way of her estranged father.

Although Coi has not formally responded to the perceived diss by Latto, the New Jersey-based rapper hopped on X (formerly of Twitter) and tweeted: “Someone find me a pick of Karen.”

Many fans are also suggesting that Latto‘s mentioning Benzino was in response to Coi’s Blue Moon track “Isabel Marant,” where she raps, “Yeah, I’m on the edge/Hop up on that couch and roll lil Latto out the bag/I don’t need a stylist they can’t f**k with Coi Leray.”

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Latto Explains the Benzino Line on Instagram Live

Late Friday night, Latto jumped on Instagram Live to chat with her fans. During her session, the “Big Energy” rhymer made it clear that she wrote her entire verse on “Peaches & Eggplants” without the assistance of a ghostwriter.

The 24-year-old rap star also explained her Benzino verse on the song. “Let me break it down for the people who’s not fast,” she began.

“I said ‘Gimme that neck like Benzino,’” she continued. “That mean if I say, ‘gimme that,’ that mean it’s took, right? That mean it’s gone, right?”

“I seen some people talkin’ about, ‘But he don’t got no neck that don’t make sense,'” she added frustrated that some people didn’t get the punchline. “Keep up, keep up.”

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