Kendrick Lamar Drops Another Drake Diss Track ‘Not Like Us’


Kendrick Lamar is not done, just yet. The Compton rhymer spin the block and dropped another fiery Drake diss track called “Not Like Us.”

Kendrick Drops Another Drake Diss Track “Not Like Us”

Almost 24 hours after he released “Meet the Grahams,” Kendrick delivered another Drake diss track called “Not Like Us.” Produced by Mustard, Kenny’s latest diss is more club-friendly and bouncier than his previous songs, which were very dark and moody.

Over Mustard’s catchy church organ groove, the West Coast rhymer continues to accuse Drizzy and his OVO team of being alleged pedophiles.

Certified lover boy?/Certified pedophiles,” Kendrick asserts on the song below. “Why ya trollin’ like a b***h?/Ain’t you tired?/Tryin’ to strike a chord and it’s probably a minor.”

Elsewhere on the diss, Kendrick criticizes Drake for leaning on his rap friends to help bolster his reputation in the rap game and conceal his mediocre lyrical skills.

“You called Future when you didn’t see the club/Lil Baby help you get your lingo up/21 [Savage] gave you false street cred/[Young] Thug made you feel like you a slime in your head/Quavo said you can be from northside/Why 2Chainz say you good, but he lied/You run to Atlanta when you need a few dollars/No you not a colleague, you a f**kin’ colonizer,” he spews.

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K-Dot Eviscerates Drake on “Meet The Grahams”

On Friday night (May 3), Kendrick Lamar unleashed a scorching diss track “Meet the Grahams” in response to Drake’s “Family Matters,” which had been released on the same night.

On the six-minute-long diss, produced by The Alchemist, King Kunta aimed his lyrical shots directly at the 6 God, dissecting him and his terrible vices, including alcohol, gambling and drugs.

“You got gamblin’ problems, drinkin’ problems/Pill-poppin’ and spendin’ problems, bad with money, whorehouse/Solicitin’ women problems, therapy’s a lovely start,” Kendrick rapped on the song, which can be heard below.

Kendrick also accused Drake of being a deadbeat dad and allegedly fathering another love child, a daughter, in addition to his son Adonis. Drake would later deny the accusation on his Instagram Story.

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